Molly Giessing

Vocals, Guitar & Synth

Molly Giessing takes front stage with raspy but crisp vocals, enveloping the audience with confidence and emotion, all while keeping the energy going with her guitar. Behind the scenes, Molly cuts and splices to a vision only she can see, creating a sound that truly makes her a great producer.

Cody Diehl


Cody Diehl aka The Real Diehl, conquers the back providing the backbone beats that glues every bit of sound that FreeThinker churns out. A true crowd favorite, he brings energy to an already charged up performance and demands respect from drums that demand it back.

Elijah Burns-Wilton

Bass & Synth

Our newest member of FreeThinker, Elijah Burns-Wilton commands the bass and conquers the keys, granting access to the "psychedelic" feel that makes FreeThinker so unique. Often criticized for his age, Elijah takes that stereotype and walks it to the door. Confident and eager, all of us at Freethinker are very excited to see just how far we can take him and we are ready to see where he will take us.

Chris Murphy


Though it may not seem like it, Chris Murphy adds one of the most important ingredients to a recipe that is absolutely delicious. Convincing someone of his skill would take mere seconds- and he knows it. While the rest of the band is extremely high energy, Chris keeps a low profile and red lines his talent when he sees fit. The true "sleeper" of the group, it would be a mistake to underestimate his dexterity and focus on or off the stage.


“The band brings a whole new set and sounds reminiscent of groups like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and Tame Impala”

— PlaybackSTL —